What is #wethemillions?

Together we can make sustainable energy, more wealth equality and a stable financial sector happen – in short term. Effective large-scale solutions already exist. #WETHEMILLIONS can have them implemented.

By saying YES! to solutions on this website you give your imperative mandate to tackle these problems. Not through political compromise, but through broadly supported concrete solutions of recognized experts.

Why will #wethemillions be effective?

By saying YES! you help shift power from politics and businesses to us, citizens. Together we can collect the support of millions of Europeans, using #WETHEMILLIONS. This unprecedented number will force politicians and businesses into action. They will do as we the millions instruct. Because, after all, they depend on our loyalty - as voters and consumers.

How can we make this happen?

Say YES! to solutions on this website. Share #WETHEMILLIONS in your networks and get involved.
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When do we reach critical mass?

The more people join, the higher the pressure on politicians and businesses to implement change. A majority or representative sample is not necessary. An unprecedentedly high number will be enough.
Several times the number of members of the largest political parties, for instance. Or multiple times the number Facebook friends of large multinationals and NGOs.

Why these issues?

These issues are hardly controversial and the solutions are broadly supported.

Why are these good solutions?

These solutions are supported by leading experts and embraced by many citizens, organizations and companies. They have a quick and strong impact with visible results. They break the current deadlock caused by the short-term interests of politicians, multinationals and lobbyists.

If these are good solutions, why haven’t they been implemented yet?

Climate change, inequality and financial markets are intertwined with large interests. Our climate with economic development. Inequality with power. Financial markets with the autonomy and profits of banks. This makes these issues complex. #WETHEMILLIONS makes them simple again. By setting priorities. By choosing solutions most experts agree on. And by transferring power. From the politicians and large businesses that currently hold it to the citizens of Europe.

What about other big challenges, such as the influx of refugees into Europe?

Of course, there are other big problems that demand a big, international approach. Like the influx of refugees. This problem is so urgent that politicians cannot look away. But, in the case of the environment, the huge gap between rich and poor and the financial markets, looking away has become the norm. The success of #WETHEMILLIONS should give us the confidence (and the experience) to also take on other problems.

Can citizens from outside the EU say yes?

#WETHEMILLIONS is aimed at citizens of the 28 EU Member States. The EU is the means to an end. An effective political, economic, legal and cultural framework to achieve successful, large-scale change. But non-EU citizens who feel committed to the issues addressed by #WETHEMILLIONS are also welcome. The more people join, the higher the pressure on politicians and multinationals to implement change.

Who is #wethemillions?

#WETHEMILLIONS is independent. Click here [link] for a list of initiators. Click here [link] to see who said YES!