Rutger Wolfson - Founder & Director

Rutger Wolfson was director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and of center for contemporary art De Vleeshal in Middelburg (NL). Before that he was an (assistant)curator at Witte de With, center for contemporary art in Rotterdam.

Stef Oosterloo - Co-Founder & Advisory board

Stef Oosterloo is strategy director of the city of Rotterdam. Before this he was director of the art & culture department of the city of Rotterdam and director cultural heritage of the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture & Science.

Janneke Staarink - Advisory Board

Janneke Staarink is managing director of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). Before this she was director of the Oerol festival on the island of Terschelling (NL) and executive producer IDTV.

Melle Daamen - Advisory Board

Melle Daamen is director of Theater Rotterdam. Before this he was director of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam and the Mondriaan Foundation.

Maurits de Bruijn - Website

Maurits de Bruijn builds websites

75B - Creative Direction

75B is a design agency founded by Rens Muis and Pieter Vos in Rotterdam.

Willy van de Luit - Advisor

Willy van de Luit has her own independent communication company Hartelab. Before this she was change manager and head of corporate communication at Oxfam Novib.

Kamiel Arents - Advisor

Kamiel Arents is editor online industry communication at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), freelance journalist and editor.

Martje van Nes - Advisor

Martje van Nes is Head of Fundraising at Artsen Zonder Grenzen. Before that she was head of marketing, communication and press at International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR).

Melissa van der Schoor - Instagram

Melissa van der Schoor is IFFR Live coördinator at International Film festival Rotterdam

Marcel van Kleeff - Advisor

Marcel van Kleeff is creative partner at New Normal, a network agency for creative communication based in Rotterdam.

Arno Wolterman - Advisor

Arno Wolterman is creative director and partner of In10Communicatie, based in Rotterdam.

Rufus Ketting - Advisor

Rufus Ketting is a copywriter/creative at KesselsKramer, Amsterdam

Michiel Moormann - Animation

Michiel Moorman is designer and illustrator, based in Rotterdam.

Kees Patijn - Camera

Kees Patijn is camera man, editor and director, based in Rotterdam.

Sven Jense - Advisor

Sven Jense searches and implements systemic solutions to climate change, like Amsterdam Fossielvrij, Stop Ecocide and carbon pricing solutions. "Solving climate change is my mission - because not solving climate change will end life as we know it, so my one-year-old son will have a damn hard time. But most of all, who wants to miss out on the endless opportunities of a renewable economy?"

Marte Koeleman - Advisor

Marte Koeleman is content strategist at In10Communicatie.

Pieter Dijkstra - Advisor

Pieter Dijkstra is a ICT en CRM consultant, based in Rotterdam.